When you think of Lamborghini, the first thing that comes to mind is probably howling exhaust notes and next-level performance. And you’d be absolutely right. The latest model from the legendary Italian exotic brand is the Huracan EVO, and it takes the hair-raising performance of the original to all new heights with more power, enhanced handling, and next-generation technology. Find the new Lamborghini for sale at Lamborghini Paramus in Bergen County today!

Aerodynamically, the Lamborghini Huracan EVO provides a high level of downforce while minimizing drag. The result is a slippery supercar that uses airflow to pin you to the road with minimal interference. A front splitter guides air from the nose through two paths under the body, and new flaps improve airflow for added front downforce. This enhances front grip for better turn-in response at high speeds and enhanced braking ability to boot. A suspended spoiler sits at the back and plants the rear end to keep things stable when cornering with considerable pace, and the rear diffuser beneath the rear bumper sucks air out from under the vehicle to further plant you on the road.

Of course, the howling V10 engine remains from the original Huracan, but the Huracan EVO turns up the wick to deliver a face-melting 630 horsepower and 442 pound-feet of torque. Together with the clever all-wheel drive system and launch control you’ll be able to accelerate from stationary to 124 mph in just 9 seconds. Get your foot down, build the revs, and pull back on the right shift paddle to fly through all seven gears on your way to a top track speed of 202 mph, and bring everything to a speedy halt thanks to six-piston carbon-ceramic brakes that resist fading even through a long day of hot lapping at the track.

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