You might be a little apprehensive about purchasing an exotic supercar from Lamborghini Paramus. And it's not because you can't afford it or that our vehicles aren't equipped with the power, style, and performance you've known to love in Manhattan. But, at the end of the road, the speedbump is, "how do I get my supercar insured?" If you've asked yourself that question, you may want to read ahead.

Problem: Your Used Supercar is too Expensive

There lies the problem in Manhattan. Your used Lamborghini EVO is worth leaps and bounds above the typical car in Bergen County. Because of that, many insurance companies won't want to foot the bill if you get into an accident or your vehicle is stolen. So, you'll probably have your fair of rejection when you're trying to get legally required insurance for your supercar. But don't get frustrated—we've got a few tips for you.

Solution: Insurance Options for your Supercar

Here are a few types of insurance for your used exotic car.

Agreed Value

This is a policy designed for exotic cars in Bergen County. It's based on the car's agreed value, without depreciation, between you, the owner, and the insurance company. You may not need an appraisal, but your vehicle's current condition, and market value, will be determining factors of your value.

Use Limits

Often, these exotic supercars are purchased more to flaunt off at the next auto show and then resell when the value increases. If you're not using your vehicle as a daily driver, you'll stand a better chance of nabbing insurance right away. You'll discuss annual mileage restrictions and so forth. If you sign up for this option, it's important to speak to underwriters about any restrictions regarding pleasure/occasional driving vs. daily usage.

Bundle Your Insurance

With most insurance companies, there are lower rates when you bundle coverages. If you add home or business insurance to your vehicle's coverage, you could have a smoother road. You can check with your local insurance agent to see how to bundle your coverage in Hudson County to include your supercar.

Lamborghini Paramus

For every problem, there's a solution. If you want an exotic luxury car, you shouldn't get caught up in red tape. We hope that these tips help point you find insurance for your supercar.