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How Much does it Really Cost to Own a Lamborghini?

Well, first off, let's make sure we're on the same page. If you're in the market for a Lamborghini, you don't care about the cost as much. Why? Because you can afford it. So, this isn't for those saving pennies until they get enough to splurge on a Lamborghini. This is for the people who want to know exactly what they're getting into—after the purchase. If you're wondering about the cost of ownership for a Lambo, we'll give you a brief rundown of what to expect.


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Are You Stuck Between a Lambo and a Hard Place?

You might be a little apprehensive about purchasing an exotic supercar from Lamborghini Paramus. And it's not because you can't afford it or that our vehicles aren't equipped with the power, style, and performance you've known to love in Manhattan. But, at the end of the road, the speedbump is, "how do I get my supercar insured?" If you've asked yourself that question, you may want to read ahead.


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Lamborghini Paramus: Manhattan's Go-To Dealer for Exotic Luxury Cars

Manhattan is synonymous with luxury. From the homes to the 18th-floor executive offices to the vehicles. Everything is flashy, everything is expensive, and everything is luxury. But sometimes, you need to go a step above luxury to stand out. You need something exotic—which is why Lamborghini Paramus is the go-to spot for Manhattan drivers who want an exotic luxury vehicle.


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The Lamborghini Urus: The Ultimate Redefinition of Luxury SUVs

There are SUVs. But then, there is the Lamborghini Urus. This is what happens when Lamborghini decides to make an SUV. It looks like this.

Need for Speed

This luxury SUV sticks with the classic Lamborghini DNA. In other words, even for speedsters in Bergen County, it goes FAST.

A top speed of 306 mph. Explode off the line to 60 mph in 3.1 seconds. Go ahead. Line up next to one of the Formula 1 race cars and do a couple laps around the track. 


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Explore The More Exotic Selections Of Our Luxury Car Lineup

Many people aren't wired to blend in, they want to stand out. Just like our clothes reflect this desire in the fashion world, the exotic luxury car industry caters to people who feel their vehicles reflect their inner spirit. The exotic cars of our used inventory at Lamborghini Paramus, like Aston Martin or Porsche, best reflect well on the owners and convey a spirit of uniqueness and luxury. If you're a luxury kind of driver, these are the vehicles that will suit your style the most. 

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Treat Yourself To Elegant Luxury SUV Style And Value

Even luxury SUV models like the Lamborghini URUS present a tremendous value for Lamborghini Paramus shoppers. The luxury SUV gives you a spacious interior, intelligent all-wheel drive, and clever storage solutions that your family needs to function, with all the rich amenities you may want to enjoy. SUVs are more spacious and home-like than sedans, and they offer today's more advanced seating configurations that so many families demand. We invite shoppers in Hudson County to come to Lamborghini Paramus to check out our inventory of used luxury SUVs for sale in Bergen County.


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