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Hunting for a truly exhilarating ride? Here at Lamborghini Paramus, we stock a full range of mighty Lamborghini models ready to take your driving to the next level. Whether you're searching for a new top-quality vehicle to add to your already impressive collection, or are simply looking for a top-market model, we're certain that you'll find the model that exceeds your wildest dreams in our continually changing inventory.

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The Lamborghini brand has long stood as a bar-setting manufacturer in the automotive industry. The Italian brand's early founding in 1963 set in motion a series of friendly rivalries between longstanding brands and newcomers like Lamborghini. As a driver looking to showcase your aptitude and skillset on the roads, you're probably searching for a model that will provide an impeccable sense of control when taking corners at lightning fast speeds without sacrificing the eye-catching glitz and esteem that the Lamborghini design teams are world-renowned for producing.

You'll find this and more in our ever-revolving inventory of Lamborghini models. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and impeccable engineering that's been proven on and off the track, the Lamborghini Huracán blends past with present to deliver the astonishing ride that you never thought you'd be able to afford. The model's naturally aspirated V10 engine isn't just powerful, it produces the rip-roaring sound that's sure to turn heads through Hudson County and Bergen County alike.

Perhaps your high-class taste is more geared towards the Lamborghini Aventador. Inside and out, the supercar has been crafted to check off every collector's checklist. Your investment in a Lamborghini model isn't a small one. In choosing the Lamborghini brand, you'll be joining the ranks of the exceptionally small number of drivers able to claim ownership over a supercar. You're not just in it for the title though, your luxury sports car should be able to hit remarkably high speeds while further offering a commanding presence on any road. The Lamborghini Aventador isn't simply a poster model. Designed with lightweight carbon fiber and first-class materials along with intuitive and highly advanced technology, the model boasts a completely unrivaled package.

Maybe you're looking for a model that's been designed to accommodate everyday driving needs while also offering you the ability to set record lap times. This might sound a little too good to be true. Take one look at the Lamborghini URUS and you'll fall head over heels for this apex of sports utility vehicles. Upon its recent release in 2017, the Lamborghini URUS boasts a 4.0-liter V8 twin0turbo engine and up to six varied driving modes to provide a close fit for whatever driving and road conditions you encounter while piloting your SUV near Manhattan.

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